Monday, May 30, 2011


It's been brought to my attention that I never posted pictures of Ellie's nursery. Sorry! Her placement happened pretty quickly and we didn't get it all done for a while. It is now finished...well unless I decide to tweak it, and I might.

I love old windows and plan to put different scriptures on this one that I painted with chalkboard paint.  This Ikea dresser we use as her changing table.  It gives me so much storage!

The butterflies on the wall are from Pottery barn and so is the owl and her bedding.

The curtains are from Target and they have the blackout panel behind them.  I looked all over for some that weren't super high.  I think these add the perfect touch of pink against the blue walls.

This was my dresser when I was a baby.  I sanded it, painted and distressed it.  I love how it adds a bit of texture to the room with the distressing.  The hanging above it is from Canton.  My Texas friends know about Canton.  I stuck pics of our family the first time they held Ellie in it.
Here's Ellie's crib!  We love this bedding!

Look at that closet.  Those aren't even all her clothes.  I have them all in tubs that I store in the garage.  They have 3 months of clothes in them.  I bring them in and trade them out as she changes sizes.  It's a great way for me to stay organized. 

There you have it!  It's not a huge room, but it's perfect for my sweet baby girl!  

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Faith said...

Wow, it is absolutely gorgeous! I am in the market for black out curtains for both babies' rooms - any suggestions? Anyway, you have knack for decorating, it is amazing:)!

Anonymous said...

It's so adorable! I love it!

S.I.F. said...

Oh so precious! I love it!! You guys did such a great job!!

Deni said...

So so so perfect for your perfect little girl!! I LOVE so many things in there I can't start to comment, but I have on my list...bins to store clothes in 3 mo increments so I can fit everything in Cala's closet too! So many similarities!! I'm coming back your way soon, so I'll let you know, maybe we can see each other again! :)

kkasun said...

It is so peaceful and beautiful!!! Nice job!

Sarah said...

Perfection :)

Sam said...

Oh, I really love your nursery! The blue walls are fantastic! So soothing! I really share your taste. :)

Can't believe you fixed up the dresser all by yourself, crafty girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Her room is adorable! I was so happy to see another baby girl with a blue room - our nursery is blue too and ironically we got the same curtains - I LOVE THEM! So cute, great job!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! Love what you did with the nursery! That bedding was my choice.... until the ultrasound technician said "congratulations! you are having a boy"

Love your dd nursery!

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