Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Long Overdue!

Wow! It's been ages since I've posted anything. Not that I have many followers. Julie and better be reading! So much has happened since my last post I'm not sure where to begin.

I'm safely settled in Texas. Well, maybe settled isn't the right word. I'm here! I started back to work a week after my arrival so I hastily unpacked and still have some stuff to work on. I'm a bit of a neat freak and have to organize things my own way so that took a bit of time. Especially in the kitchen. I really only need to work on the office. That's had to wait since I've started back to school.

I love my new school. The building is only two years old and absolutely beautiful! I'm teaching 5th grade...well I am going to be teaching 5th grade. The students don't actually start until the 27th. There are many new teachers that were hired this year and we have a really great staff as well as a wonderful principal and assistant principal. I believe it's going to be a great year!
It's been great getting to see Barry everyday and spend time together. Of course he abandoned me pretty quick for a few days in Houston and he's in New Orleans this week. His company keeps him busy this time of year. It's been tough because I don't have anyone to come and let Sam out so I can't spend as much time in my classroom as I would like to. Of course I suppose that could also be a good thing!

I'll share some funny stories about our drive from Michigan to Texas another time. Barry flew to Michigan and spent a couple days before we drove 18 hours to Texas. We had Sam and the two cats with us. Need I say more? Right now, I'm going to work on some school stuff.
I'll share some pictures from Barry's short time in Michigan as well as some pictures of Cooper. They are some of my favorites so far. Of course if I got any new ones sent to me on a regular basis I might be able to update with newer ones. HINT HINT! :)

One of the pictures I took for his birth announcement. In just LOVE this one!

Since the night he was born he's loved to put his arms above his head. He wiggles out of his blanket after Julie swaddles him. He wants to be free! :)

Cooper sleeping on our drive to Lexington Michigan to show Barry Lake Huron.

Barry and me (with Cooper). We bundled him all up because it was so windy.

Julie, me (holding Cooper...I'm a baby hog!) and mom

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