Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...not even close

As you can see, I was a 30 Days of Gratitude blogger drop out.  I honestly don't know how you moms that blog daily do it!!  I just don't have the time.  There are so many other things I need to do other than blog.  As much as I'd like to keep up with it daily, I just don't. 

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and that deserves a post of it's own.  But, until then, I will leave you with some iphone pics.  I put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving, but Barry was officiating a football game so I waited to decorate it until he was home Saturday.  Ellie is interested in it for sure, but not obsessed so that's a bonus.  Now if I can just start wrapping some presents.

I finally ordered our Christmas cards tonight.  I can't wait to get them.  I also ordered our family pics we had done the end of October last night.  See...I really am behind.  And I really need to start thinking about a first birthday.  Eeeek!  Is it really possible?? 

Ellie's 10 month update will happen sometime before she's 11 months old.  That gives me 14 days.  I'm enjoying every minute with this little darling!  She is so funny and her smile just melts my heart.  I love her more every single day...and I didn't think that was possible.  This is just such a fun stage!

Here are what you all really want to see...

My little Thanksgiving turkey.

Checking out the tree before we decorated it.

Not sure if she likes the cat or the tree more. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 12-15

Is anyone surprised that I can't keep up with this? I had the best intentions, but life gets in the way.

Day 12:
I'm thankful for the weekends. I am glad I get to spend my weekends with my sweet husband and the cutests baby around! I even love weekends when Ellie wakes me up at 5:45...this time change still has her messed up.

Day 13:
I've said it on here before, but I'll say it again. I am truly thankful for my small group. I cherish the friendships I have with the people in this group. I appreciate the transparency we can have with one another. These people have supported us through the good and bad times and I know they will continue to do that! This group is just what I prayed Barry and I would find when we got married. I thank God I get to "do" life with these people.

Day 14:
I'm thankful Ellie slept until after 6:00 this morning. It allowed me time to have some quiet time, drink my coffee and start to get ready for work before she got upt. It sure beats the 4:45-5:00 she's been getting up at since the time change.

Day 15:
I'm thankful that 10 months ago, my daughter was born. Even though I didn't know it at the time, this day changed my life. Thank you, God for this darling baby girl! She is the light of our lives!

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9 months old

I'm a month behind on posting about my sweet girl.

At nine months my sweet girl is changing everyday. I love this age so much! She is becoming quite a little person. :)
Ellie is cruising around the furniture with ease. She thinks she's a big girl, let me tell ya! She loves grabbing things on the coffee table and has knocked over our drinks twice now....lesson learned! ha!
We had her in to see our pediatrician again on the 15th...poor girl had another double ear infection. He started her on an antibiotic for 20 days to try to get rid of it once and for all. If it doesn't work, we are going to talk about tubes the next time she has one. We were able to get her weight and she weighed 18.7 lbs. Not sure of her length. We just moved up to the 9 month onesies and sleepers. They are big around, but the 6 month size was just too short. She has a long torso and short legs so she's still in 3-6 month size pants. Dresses are hit or miss...just depends on the dress.
She cut another tooth on the 8th. Her upper right lateral incisor popped through. That gives us 5 teeth now. The other three on top are getting closer too. She is a drooling mess most of the time. Some days I pick her up from the babysitter and she's wet to her belly button and that's with an outfit change.
We started some stage 3 foods this month. She loves to eat and there really isn't anything she won't eat. We can't give her any of the foods with broccoli because it gives her a terrible diaper rash. I read that happens so I've gotten rid of that. I also had some prunes in the back of the pantry for a just in case situation. :) Barry fed her dinner one night while I was doing some work and he didn't know what prunes can do to a baby. Needless to say, I got to experience those prunes the next morning when I got Ellie out of her crib. Oh my goodness! The poor girl pooped all day long.
Ellie loves "Pat a Cake." We do it all the time. She also loves to play peek a boo. She just laughs and laughs. Speaking of laughing, this girl is ticklish! SO very ticklish! She has the deepest belly laugh. It just makes me smile.
"Dada" is still her word of choice. She says it constantly. Whenever Barry walks in the room, she'll reach for him and say it. She knows what she's saying and what it means. She does the same thing with. "Mama" just not nearly as much.
Other kids fascinate Ellie. Whenever she sees another child, she starts smiling and "talking." It doesn't just have to be kids she knows either. It can be any child. She is very friendly and will play with them easily.

This girl is still a rock star sleeper! She sleeps from 7:00 until I wake her up at 6:30 on weekdays. She takes a morning and afternoon nap. Some evenings it's all we can do to keep her awake until bedtime.

Bath time has become her favorite time of the day! We got a new bathtub inflatable duck. It sits inside our bathtub. She just loves it and so do we. It lets her sit in the tub without the chance of bumping her head. It also keeps her contained in a small area. It's just perfect!
I'm sure I'm leaving lots out. I try to jot things down on my iPhone to remember what I want to blog about, but I am sure I don't get it all.
Here are the pics...not too great because she was sick, but that's what was happening that weekend.

Check out that drool.

I love this girl!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 11

photo courtesy google

Image and video hosting by TinyPicTo all of the veterans out there....thank you.  Your sacrifice allows me and those I love to live our lives each day in a place we love.  I will never really know all the sacrifices you and your loved ones make for the rest of us.  I can imagine some of them and it breaks my heart, but unless I was living your life, I wouldn't truly "get it. "

The fact that you put yourself in harms way day in and day out, says a lot about you.  It tells me you are brave, you love this country you live in and you are willing to sacrifice your own life for others.  That in my book makes you a hero.  So today, as we honor veterans in this country, I want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for all you do to make my life safe. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 10

I'm so very thankful for the amazing job I have. While, I'd prefer to be at home with Ellie everyday, it's not possible right now. So instead I get to go spend my days with a classroom full of 2nd graders.

My days are full of children who make me laugh, teach me more than I teach them some days, gross me out and sometimes their stories make me cry. I'm lucky to do something I am passionate about. I'm lucky I get to teach children.

I'm also extremely thankful that I work with an absolutely wonderful group of people. They make my days brighter and a whole lot of fun. We truly are like a family and I love them dearly!

We also have the best custodian in the world. He goes above and beyond for all of us! I teach in a portable and he goes out to my room and turns on the air or heat in the mornings before I get there so the temp will be perfect. When we had super cold days last year and school was closed due to the ice, he went up to the school on his own time and checked on things, turned on heat in the portables and made sure everything was ok. He didn't get paid for that, he did it because that's the kind of man he is. He will drop his lunch if someone needs something. He is truly a one of a kind guy. (and he's single...which still amazes me!)

So even though I wish I could spend my days with my sweet girl, I have the best of both worlds. I even have great vacations. I'm thankful for being able to do something I love.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 9

I'm thankful that I get to share this life with a man I love.  We've been through some difficult times, and it's made us stronger.  I know that he is in this with me for the long haul.  During tough times, he's not going to give up on me.  He proved that when I was a wacko during our fertility treatments and wait for Ellie. 

Neither one of us are perfect...certainly not me.  He might forget to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, watch too much football or forget take out the garbage, but at the end of the day, he loves me.  Yes, this man I married, my best friend, loves me.  Each day, he chooses to love me.  Even when I'm at my worst.  Even when I am being a freak about him taking out the garbage, or putting his dirty clothes where they go, or watching too much football.  He still loves me.  He chooses to do that. 

Let's be honest, love isn't always easy.  There are times when we aren't too loveable.  At least I know that's true for me.  I don't always make it easy for him to love me.  I know that.  But, he does.  And those things that drive me crazy about him, they aren't really that important.  Not in the scheme of things.  Because, I'm married to a man who would do anything for our family.  I am married to a man who absolutely adores his daughter.  When I watch him with her, I can't help but smile.  And sometimes, I even cry.  He loves our sweet baby more than I could have imagined him loving her.

Most importantly,  I'm married to a man who loves God.  He wants our family to serve God.  Barry wants our family to do great things for His kingdom.  We don't always know exactly what that looks like, but because he wants that, he prays about it.  This man I love asks God to guide him in his role as a husband and as a father and in serving Him. 

Yes, I'm married to a man who loves God, and because he loves God, he chooses to love me.  And for that I am so very thankful.

Our first moments with Ellie. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 8

I cannot begin to express just how thankful I am for Ellie's birth mom.  When she chose us to parent her daughter, she gave us the most wonderful blessing anyone could ever give us.  I will never know how hard that decision was for her because I'm not her.  I can only imagine... 

We never met Ellie's birth parents and that was their choice.  We were prepared for an open adoption and honestly wanted one.  But, circumstances prevented that.  For Ellie's sake, I hope that one day she will be able to meet her birth parents and really know them. 

There are many nights when I sit and rock my daughter.  I tell her her story.  I tell her how she came to us and how we were beyond happy the first time we held her.  She was the answer to years of prayers.  She was our dream come true.  Her mother made that dream a reality.  I pray that one day I will be able to tell her (in person) just how thankful we are for the plan she made for Ellie.  Because of her plan, I am a mommy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 7

I'm thankful I have a little "alarm clock" who woke me up this morning.  Even if it was at 4:45...gotta love daylight savings time with babies.  I wouldn't trade it for anything though!!

Here she was last night at 5pm.  She just couldn't keep her eyes open another minute.  She fell asleep while we were snuggling.  I had to wake her up later and put her in her jammies and give her a bottle.  She went right back to sleep.  :)


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30 Days of Gratitude: Day 6

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI am thankful for my amazing mom!  She left last Thursday after being here two weeks.  The time went by way too quickly.  We had an amazing visit and she was able to spend lots of time with Ellie.  Thankfully, she'll be back at Christmas.

My mom is one of my very best friends.  My dad passed away when I was 12 so it was just my mom, sister and I after that.  She was our rock.  She could have become sad and bitter, but she had two little girls to take care of, and she did.  So many people lose their faith when something bad happens, but not my mom.  She continued to take us to church and be a wonderful christian example for us both.  She taught me how to put others first and serve them.  She taught me that it's not all about me.  She taught me so many things that I look forward to teaching Ellie.  I think I'm a pretty good mom (so far), but it's because she was such a wonderful example for me...and she still is. 

I love you mom and am so thankful that God gave me to you.

My mom meeting ellie for the first time

4th of July

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 5

Who was I kidding thinking I could stay on top of this?!? I'm going to get caught up today. I've been keeping up on faceb00k so at least that's something.

I'm thankful that God's plan isn't always my plan! Last year it was harder for me to see that, but this's a totally different story. I'm reminded of this daily when I look Ellie. Thank you, God for knowing just what/who we needed. Your plan is perfect!

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30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI'm so very thankful for wonderful friends!  I've been blessed with some amazing friends who've always been there for me.  Some of them have been my friends for years, while others are my newer Texas friends. 

Whether new or old, I'm so thankful I have them all in my life!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 3

Planes!  I'm so very thankful for planes that make an 18 hour drive to Michigan so much shorter.  My visits to Michigan are much easier because of air travel.  They also make it easier for my family to visit me.   

My mom flew home today, but she'll be back in December.  Along with my sister and my nephew.  I'm looking forward to them spending Christmas with us.  Cooper is thrilled about coming to Texas.  Especially since he'll get to see his Ellie Grace.  So, today I am very thankful for planes and the under three hour trip from TX to MI.

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30 Days of Gratitude: Day 2

Today I'm thankful for wipes and a change of clothes! Can anyone relate to this??

We went to do some shopping after I got out of school on Tuesday. Ellie needs some good walking shoes and we wanted to take my mom out for her birthday dinner. She won't be here for her actual birthday so we had to celebrate early. We went to The Cheesecake Factory...mmmmm! Ellie was perfect. She ate her dinner while we waited for ours. She might be the nosiest baby ever. ha! She was into everything going on around her. I love her curiosity. When we were done eating, I took her out of her high chair so I could give her a bottle. We were going to be out past her bedtime so I knew she'd just sleep in the car on the way home. I sat her in my lap and started feeding her the bottle. What happened next isn't pretty!

We both ended up in the family bathroom cleaning up. I guess I should be thankful for family bathrooms too. Although Ellie HATES those changing tables they have in bathrooms. She is terrified to lay on them. She screams the entire bloody murder screaming. With the cleanup we had to do, I'm sure people outside were wondering what was going on in there.

Thankfully, I had lots of wipes and had packed extra clothes as well as her jammies. I put on her jammies and she was as good as new. I on the other hand didn't have jammies with me. Or extra jeans. So, I cleaned myself up the best I could with water, soap and paper towels. As you can imagine that wasn't the best solution. But, it did the trick until I got home. I tried to cover the giant wet spot that was now on my jeans with the diaper bag. I'm not sure it worked.

It all worked out just fine and I'm glad I pack extra stuff just in case we have an "issue."

Anyone have any experience with this?

And just because I think she's so stinkin' cute...

Trying on our owl hat that came in the mail.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 1

I've been a terrible blogger lately. Oh who amI kidding? I've been a terrible blogger for months and months. I'm going to try and do a better job this month!
I want to participate in what so many other bloggers are doing this month. I need to take time to remind myself of all the big and little things I have to be thankful for this month/year.

So today, I'm reminded of just how different my life is this year. I have this beautiful baby girl and last year she was just a hope, a wish, a prayer. This year she's an answer to so many prayers and more than we could have hoped for.

I thank God for this darling baby girl every single day. Ellie Grace you are my pumpkin pie!

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