Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ellie had the most adorable Easter dress and hasn't got to wear it yet.  Technically she has two.   The dress my mom bought that was supposed to be her Easter dress is still too big so I found one just about as cute.  So now she has two dresses to wear on top of the closet full of others.

Thursday right before Easter she was not feeling well and running a temp on so I took her to our pediatrician.  She had an ear infection and some sort of virus...poor girl.  She was pretty miserable all weekend and the antibiotic gave her some less than desirable side least for this mommy.  :(  We stayed home Sunday so I'm thinking she'll wear her super cute dress this week. 

I think I heard my daddy's voice.

I think it's time to stop!

Two seconds later comes the photo shoot meltdown.

My friend Kathy  got her the darling 1st Easter onesie and tutu for my school shower.  I got the cute little clip at Target in the Dollar Spot.  I love that place!  Here are some of our pics from the day.  I did a quick little photo shoot.  That's about all little miss could take!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am extremely thankful for a pediatrician we love!  I got a call from the babysitter yesterday and Ellie was running a temp, not eating and just overall fussy.  I called our pediatrician's office and they got her right in.  She has an ear infection.  Poor girl!  Her nose is also super stuffed up and her eyes are goopy from the infection.

After we got home we gave her the medicine.  She took about 1.5 oz of her bottle and then projectile vomited it all up...all over me and all over her.  Poor baby.  She's been pretty miserable all night with diarrhea as well.  We called the ped. on call and were told not to give her anymore medicine last night, but wait until the morning.  If she throws that up to call our Dr.  Praying she is able to keep it down when I give it to her!

I want her back to this normal happy girl!

Taken last week...3 months old.
What are you thankful for?

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Steals

Do any of you check out the twice daily deals on Baby Steals?  If you haven't been there, you should!  I've found several items since we brought Ellie home at about half the normal price.  Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Today they have the aden + anais sleeping bags made for Target on sale.  They are selling for $10.99 instead of the normal $19.99.  That's a 45% discount!  I had to buy a couple!


 We use the swaddling blankets and Ellie loves them.  They are a great lightweight blanket for everyday use.  I don't swaddle her with it in the crib anymore though.  She can get her arms out of those blankets now and wakes herself up.  Instead we use these.  The Velcro prevents her from flailing out of them.

I can't wait to receive mine so we can put them to use!  Look how sweet this baby looks!


I haven't been compensated for writing about this or anything.  I just think it's a good deal and wanted to pass it along to all my friends in blog land!  Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Image and video hosting by TinyPicHey friends!  I have a friend that has been diagnosed with PCOS and has started cl0mid.  Since that wasn't my diagnosis, I don't know a whole lot about it, but would love to send my friend to some blogs for information and support.  If you have a blog that deals with this or know of one that does, please leave your link in the comments or email me the blog address.  Thanks so much for your help!  I appreciate it and I know she will too!

I've got one more favor to ask.  Many of you know Tammy over at Tammy's Journey.  If you don't, please go send her some love today.  She desperately needs it.  She got some devastating news today.  I am brokenhearted for her and her husband Mark.  Life just isn't fair, is it?!

Thanks again!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I took this picture Sunday during church when I took Ellie out to change her diaper. 

That was the first of three times we had to go out.  Poor girl was not having a good day.  We ended up leaving church early because our sweet girl was screaming at the top of her lungs and wouldn't stop.  She was extremely fussy all day, but was not running a fever.  I finally gave her some tylenol just to see if that would help.  Sleep came quickly after that and we had to wake her up to feed her so we could put her down for the night.  She slept all night and woke up Monday morning her normal self.  Praise the Lord!

Monday was our first day at the babysitter.  It went well.  I cried when I dropped her off and even more when I picked her up.  She was sleeping when I got there to pick her up and when I lifted her up, she snuggled right up to me.  I started crying because I felt bad that I had left her with a stranger all day.  Our babysitter is not a stranger.  We met with her for several interviews and checked all of her references, but to Ellie she is a stranger.  This working mom thing is tough.  I'd love to be able to stay home!  But, since I can't teaching is a pretty great gig!  I have 32 days left of school then I'll be hanging out with my girl every single day!  Can't wait!

I need to update about my weekend.  Ellie and I met one of my bloggie friends, Deni from Foxy Troxies.  We had a wonderful day!  More on that in the next post.  I need to upload some pics before I can write about it.  But you can go to Deni's blog to read about it in the meantime! 

Have a great week friends!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Food

(Courtesy Google Images)
I know I have a while before Ellie will start eating baby food, but I'm a planner.  ha!  I've been doing my research and I'm even more confused than before! 

If you make baby food or plan to, what do you/will you use?  Do you have a specific baby food maker?  Do you use a food processor?  Is it BPA free?  Help me out! 

I've found that everyone says something different.  So I decided to come to you all, my bloggie friends, for advice.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Two months old!  This is long overdue considering she'll be 3 months old on Friday.  I just love this picture!
I'll update more soon...yeah yeah...I know I say that all the time. 

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Image and video hosting by TinyPicEllie rolled over for the first time Tuesday night. 

I was sitting with her on the floor while she was doing tummy time and after she did it, I just sat there.  I don't think it registered at first.  She's only 11 weeks old and I guess I wasn't expecting it quite yet.  She turned onto her side many times, but that's about it. 

I just couldn't believe it!  Than I yelled to Barry to get in here!  He came in and I put her back on her tummy and she flipped right over again.  We realized then that we needed to get the video camera and I also got out my phone.  I put her back on her tummy and by the time I picked up my phone I only got the very end of her rolling over.  Barry got it all on regular video camera though. 

Yesterday after I got home we got everything all ready, put her on her stomach and over she rolled!  She is so cute...she pushes herself up so she can look around and then rolls right over. 

Here's the video...we sound like dorks, but were just so excited! 

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