Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Two months old!  This is long overdue considering she'll be 3 months old on Friday.  I just love this picture!
I'll update more soon...yeah yeah...I know I say that all the time. 

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Deni said...

Look at that cute face and you know I love her hair jazz! Can't wait to smooch that sweet face! I'm so excited to see y'all!!

A said...

wow, she is SO cute!!!

Browniris said...

She is beautiful!

Ashley said...

What a cutie!

Andrea said...


You are doing exactly what you should be doing...being a MOMMY! The rest will come, and you'll post when you can. Just continue to SOAK IT ALL IN :)

She is precious and gorgeous!


Crossed Fingers said...

She is a beautiful little girl! How blessed you all are!

Angela said...


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