Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Daddy's biggest fan

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

8 Months Old

I'm so late posting this considering Ellie will be 9 months old this week. I didn't even get a picture with the sticky on her shirt this month. Between going back to work and trying to get into a routine, my trip to Michigan, another ear infection for little miss and just everyday stuff I just honestly didn't get around to it. I do take LOTS of pics though so I'm not lacking in the picture department.

Even though some of these things have changed, I'll write this like I would have her 8 month update.

Ellie started pulling up this month. It's the sweetest thing and makes me sad that my girl is growing up so fast (I know I say that every month), but believe me, I'm thankful that she is growing up. Make sense?  I know we are in for lots of bumps and bruises.  It's just part of growing up, isn't it?
She still sleeps like a rock star! She goes down about 7:00 and I wake her up at 6:30 so I can get her dressed and give her a bottle before we head to the babysitter. We had a couple of rough nights when she had her ear infection, but she's back to her normal schedule.  She is still taking two naps a day and usually sleeps really well.  We still lay her down and she's out.  Although, I will admit there are some nights after her bottle that she falls asleep and I just hold her.  Sometimes for 15 minutes, other times for an hour.  I hate that I spend so much of the day away from her.  I also feel like she's growing up so fast and I just want to cherish every single minute I can!

So tired she fell asleep on Daddy.  He's pretty tired too.
She hasn't been drinking quite as much. She's only drinking about 7oz four times a day. I checked with our pediatrician and he said that it's perfectly fine because she's eating more solids now. She's gained weight since her 6 month visit.  She's at 17.2 lbs.  I only know this because we had her in for the ear infection.
She is still eating stage 2 foods and I'm still making some of those, but not quite as many since I've went back to work. As much as I'd love to make all her food, I'm not gonna lie, I'm just not making the time for it. I don't want to spend the small amount of time I have with her before bed each night in the kitchen. No thanks! Maybe once I get into the groove with school.

She still loves the ergo. I use it a lot at home when I need to get something done and she wants to be held. I also used it on our trip to Michigan. Ellie is as content as can be in that thing. It's a life saver.

This girl is teething like crazy. She is trying to cut her top, right, lateral incisor. Poor girl is having a rough time of it. She is drooling like a fountain. She's even got a rash below her chin from all the drool. The doctor gave us some suggestions for that, so hopefully it will improve. Hoping this tooth pops through soon.

Ellie loves singing. People singing to her that is. Her favorite is The Itsy Bitsy Spider. It's so cute to see her when I sing it. She loves any sort of music though. She can be fussy and I'll turn my ipod on and she's calm as can be.

She has become best friends with our cat. CB is 15 and I honestly wasn't sure if she'd even tolerate Ellie. Oh how silly I was! The cat LOVES Ellie. If Ellie is on the floor playing, which she does quite a bit, that cat is right next to her. She's really quite sweet with her.

She finally said, "Mama." It was the best word ever! She still says, "Dada" a whole lot more than "Mama," but I don't care. I also think she knows when she says, "Dada" what it means. She'll look right at Barry and say it. Or I'll say. "Daddy's home!" He'll walk in and she'll say it. It's adorable. She loves her daddy. Although, she is definitely a mommy's girl!!

I feel like I'm leaving so much out, but there aren't as many changes this month as there will be when I post about her 9th month. The girl has lots to write about Saturday.

In our jammies

Definitely not as easy to photograph her now.
I want down!

I love this hat!  We had to play dress up with it.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Cuteness Overload!

Gotta love the teeth and the drool!  She's got more coming in.

This girl will not leave shoes or socks on.  She rips them right off.  It wasn't so bad this summer, but now with the cooler weather, we might need to work on this.

Hope your Monday is marvelous!

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