Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Latest Crafty Project

What's a girl to do when she has a husband who is gone most evenings? This girl has been spending many of her evenings being crafty. Here's a look at my craft project from last night. It's a leaf topiary.

Fun and relatively easy to make!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Molly the Attack Cat

Molly is my 14 yr old sweetie. I rescued her from a tree in my mom's backyard after I graduated from college in December of 1994. She was a scrawny kitten that had been sleeping in a cedar tree. She had become friends with our family dog and at times thought she was a dog. She was also the friendliest cat I'd ever met. She loved us at once. She would follow me around the house, the yard or wherever I went.

Molly got herself in the "family way" less than a year later. The tomcat in the neighborhood attacked her, broke her back and in the process "knocked her up"...those are the words my vet used at the time. Molly delivered her litter of kittens on my birthday and even though my mom, sister and I said NO more cats for us! We each ended up keeping one. My mom had Rudy. He was just like his mother....friendly, loving and a best friend to my mom. Unfortunately, Rudy got cancer and my mom had to end his pain last year. It was a very hard time for her. He was her companion and friend. Julie gave Thomas away long ago, but I still have CB (it stands for cry baby...because she was the most vocal of the litter). Molly has been with me through thick and thin. I'm not one of those crazy cat loving girls that will have 50 cats someday, but I do love my girls.

Molly and Sam have never been best friends. He was a rambunctious puppy and she's an older girl who likes her peace and quiet. She didn't love his running and jumping ways so she hid when he was inside. It's just been in the last several months that she's decided she is the queen of the castle and has taken back her home. If Sam gets too close, she hisses and slaps at him. He doesn't seem to mind much, he just backs off.

A couple weeks ago I was home alone working on some crafty stuff. Barry had a game so that's my time to do my thing. Sam was playful and went into his "spaz out" mode. He runs around, jumping and barking. He goes from one room to another and comes back barking at me. Well, Molly had been quietly napping in her basket when she saw Sam jump at me (in a harmless way) while he was barking. I was playing right a long with him, yelling as loud as I could. hehe Out of nowhere, Molly comes flying across the room, hissing, growling and slapping the tar out of Sam. He of course backed off. At this point, I'm intrigued. Is my cat protecting me from the dog? Or is she just annoyed that he is disturbing her sleep? I start playing with Sam and yelling at the same time just to see what will happen. Sure, enough, she comes back at him. I just couldn't believe that she was protecting me. I know what some of you readers are thinking..."yeah right!" That's exactly what Barry thought when I told him about it.

That's what he thought until one night this week when Sam was his wild, playful self again. He was barking at me and I was yelling and playing with him. Barry was on the couch and out of nowhere, Molly the Attack Cat (that's what I've nicknamed her now) came out of nowhere. She would not let up on him....as long as I screamed she hissed at him and pawed him. Lucky for Sam, she was de-clawed long ago. Sam decided to slink away and leave that crazy cat alone. Barry and I were laughing hysterically. We've decided if we ever have an intruder, Molly will do a better job of protecting us than Sam.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

I got up early this morning so I could vote before I went to work. I was at our precinct at 6:30 this morning and was the first person in line!! I waited until they opened their doors at 7:00, proudly walked in and cast my vote. As I was leaving, I asked the gentleman working if I could get an "I voted" sticker. His response was, "I wish I could give you one, but we don't have any." How can that be? How can a voting center not have any "I voted" stickers??? It's a shame too because I was hoping to stop by Starbucks and get my free coffee. What's your voting day story? Hopefully everyone got in and out just as fast as I did!
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