Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

I got up early this morning so I could vote before I went to work. I was at our precinct at 6:30 this morning and was the first person in line!! I waited until they opened their doors at 7:00, proudly walked in and cast my vote. As I was leaving, I asked the gentleman working if I could get an "I voted" sticker. His response was, "I wish I could give you one, but we don't have any." How can that be? How can a voting center not have any "I voted" stickers??? It's a shame too because I was hoping to stop by Starbucks and get my free coffee. What's your voting day story? Hopefully everyone got in and out just as fast as I did!


Katie said...

We (Emmy and I) got to the polls around 10:00 this morning and only had to wait in line for about 5 minutes. We didn't get a sticker either. What is the deal with that. I didn't know about the starbucks though so I wasn't even thinking about it. I did get one of the candidate supporters out front to take an awesome picture of Emmy and me in front of the "Poll 6 Vote" sign. I want her to always know that she was part of an historic election!

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