Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 9

I'm thankful that I get to share this life with a man I love.  We've been through some difficult times, and it's made us stronger.  I know that he is in this with me for the long haul.  During tough times, he's not going to give up on me.  He proved that when I was a wacko during our fertility treatments and wait for Ellie. 

Neither one of us are perfect...certainly not me.  He might forget to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, watch too much football or forget take out the garbage, but at the end of the day, he loves me.  Yes, this man I married, my best friend, loves me.  Each day, he chooses to love me.  Even when I'm at my worst.  Even when I am being a freak about him taking out the garbage, or putting his dirty clothes where they go, or watching too much football.  He still loves me.  He chooses to do that. 

Let's be honest, love isn't always easy.  There are times when we aren't too loveable.  At least I know that's true for me.  I don't always make it easy for him to love me.  I know that.  But, he does.  And those things that drive me crazy about him, they aren't really that important.  Not in the scheme of things.  Because, I'm married to a man who would do anything for our family.  I am married to a man who absolutely adores his daughter.  When I watch him with her, I can't help but smile.  And sometimes, I even cry.  He loves our sweet baby more than I could have imagined him loving her.

Most importantly,  I'm married to a man who loves God.  He wants our family to serve God.  Barry wants our family to do great things for His kingdom.  We don't always know exactly what that looks like, but because he wants that, he prays about it.  This man I love asks God to guide him in his role as a husband and as a father and in serving Him. 

Yes, I'm married to a man who loves God, and because he loves God, he chooses to love me.  And for that I am so very thankful.

Our first moments with Ellie. 


Marcie said...

Such a sweet post!
And a some awesome pics too!

Deni said...

Love this!!!

Ashley said...

So sweet!

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