Sunday, May 8, 2011

A First

I remember sitting in church last year on Mother's Day. I cried most of the service and really didn't want to be there. It was brutal.

A day honoring mothers seems great doesn't it? I mean mothers are wonderful...or at least that was my experience. But, what about those that didn't have a mother in their life growing up? Or those whose mothers have passed away? I can't imagine their pain. I know those people never forget their loss or lack of mother, but this day just makes it all the more real.  They have to spend the day thinking about what they don't have, while others celebrate what they do have.

For me, last year was a lot like that, but in a different sense. It was about wanting to be a mommy so bad and not. When all around me people were moms or moms to be. It was so easy for them. They wanted to have a baby and guess what, they did! I sat in church last year with tears streaming down my face. Praying and wishing that this year would be my turn.

And it is. This year I am a mom. I have a beautiful baby girl. But, this morning as I was holding my daughter, the tears started again. I knew that there were so many of my friends that weren't holding that baby they so desperately want. The baby they pray for each day. I know how real that pain is for each of you that are still waiting. My prayer this Mother's Day is that each of you make it through this day and that next year you are celebrated in a special and wonderful way. That you wake up with and hold your baby in your arms.

Much Love to each of you

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The Price Family! said...

Happy First Mother's Day to you! Im so glad that God answered your prayers. We had special prayer time in our service today for moms who had lost children and for ladies who were praying for miracles.

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