Tuesday, May 3, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

I was going through my pics tonight and found this one.  Barry came in and took some pics one night when I was reading to Ellie before bed.  Our bedtime routine is bath, bottle, books and bed.  So this was right before I laid her down.  She looks sleepy.

I look pretty rough too, but I don't even care much.  ha!  After I get home from work now, I put on some comfy clothes if we are staying home and spend the evening relaxing with Ellie and Barry. 

Life is good!
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Faith said...

So sweet! Our bedtime routine is similar with Jax - except not the bath because I can't do that now with another baby. BUT, my intention is to add the bath to both their routines when Addy is older and can get them both into a good routine (i.e. not screaming at me for attention ALL evening:)). I love my book time at night with Jax, so glad to see you love it too:).

A said...

i think you look totally happy :) seems like you have an awesome routine!!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet picture! We're just starting a bedtime routine!

Deni said...

You both look adorable and happy as clams!!! Does your shirt say God loves you, but I'm his favorite b/c that is cracking me up!!!!

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