Friday, June 11, 2010

China Patterns

Most of you probably know Kelly from Kelly's Korner.  She does a Show Us Your Life post every Friday.  This week is show us your china patterns.  I've never participated before, but decided to this week.  I have my grandmother's formal china so I didn't buy any formal china when I got married.  We had a very small wedding and didn't really register for anything.  Barry surprised me for my birthday last year and bought me 12 pieces of the Maribeth dinnerware from Pier One.  I had been drooling over it since I first saw it.  Isn't he the best?!!
I'd also been wanting dinnerware I could use at Christmas.  Dillards carries the Noble Excellence Twas the Night Before Christmas pattern and I love it.  I started getting pieces last year.  I think I'm going to ask for pieces each year and also buy my own. 

If you want to play along, go here to Kelly's blog and add a link to your post. 

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Saige said...

That is so much fun! My parents bought us china when we got married. My MIL was supposed to give us china from her ex-husband (he gave it to us) but she kept it, as it is very valuable. What can I say, she's a cow.

I love your china though! It is so much fun to pull it out and use it. I just always hate cleaning it by hand, packing it away, and putting it back. lol

sienna said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE china. if i could, i'd have 4-5 sets and i've daydreamed in the past about designing both china and bedding (i can't seem to find ones of either that i love as much as the prints in my head).

that was sooo very sweet of your hubby to surprise you for your bday last year. he sounds like a keeper!!

i'm very excited for you getting on the list to be shown to birth parents. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that a couple picks you out sooner than later!!
*fingers crossed*.

Faith said...

Your stuff is beautiful!

I am a total dud. My everyday dishes are plain white. My china is white with a silver line around the rim, and has NEVER been unpacked since we got it for our wedding 8 years ago!

Sarah said...

AHHH! I LOVE this dishes :)

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

I love both of these!! But I'm like Faith, I have the boring stuff and my wedding stuff is still in storage. xx

Andrea said...


I LOVE your pattern! Can I just say that I am obsessed with China! I would be a China-holic if I had the room to store it all. Mainly, I have a fettish for sterling silver and well of course the china goes along with that! LOL

My everyday china is a little simple, Wedgewood, Nantucket Basket. It's white with a basketweave border, but it still makes me smile and remember "that day", which is coming up on the 10 year mark!

Love this post...its FUN :)

Are you sitting by your pool today????

HUGS and Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...


prashant said...

I love your china though! It is so much fun to pull it out and use it.
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