Monday, May 24, 2010

The End is Near!

The end of the school year that is! I love my job, but this has been a crazy year. I can't begin to explain how excited I am for the last day of school!! I have 8 days with students left this year. I'll miss my little friends, but I am happy to see them head on to first grade. I have a LOT to get done before the end of the year. I am moving to a different classroom next year so I have to pack up all my stuff. UGH! That's no fun, but the room is worth it! It's soooooo much bigger than my current room. I think I'll be working on getting everything moved the weekend after school is out and that next week. Our custodian is amazing and would do it all for me, but I just prefer to get it done myself. That way I am able to put it away as soon as I move it in.

Our pool has needed a new plaster job since last year. We got several estimates and after looking at what each company was going to do, we finally chose a company to replaster and tile our pool. We aren't excited about spending this much money since we need all our pennies for our adoption, but it had to be done. They are supposed to start on it this week. I can't wait until it's finished. It's been so hot here already. I could use a dip in the pool. I also love to entertain and pool parties are always fun!

We finally have our interviews set up. Our original social worker had some type of family issue and never ended up getting with us. So we have been assigned a new social worker who of course was leaving to go on vacation the day he got our case. He is supposed to be back tomorrow. We have appointments set up with him for our individual interviews next week. Then hopefully we can schedule our joint interview and home inspection shortly after those. I am ready to get this all done and be on the list!! I have our "dear birth*parent" letter ready and have been working on our profile. I have everything I want in it all organized and I'm having a friend help me get it all put together. I'm a scrapbooker, but have never done any digital scrapping. She is amazing and is going to help me get it all set up and organized the way I wanted it. Hoping to learn more about digital scrapbooking this summer. I have been doing some in fun stuff in PSE and PS.

After school is out, I'm heading to Michigan!  My mom is having a knee replacement and I'm going to go up for a couple of weeks to help her out after her surgery.  She had her other knee done several years ago so we know what to expect.  It will be nice to spend some time with my mom even if she's not feeling up to par.  It will also be great to hang out with all my friends.  I can't wait!

Does anyone have anything exciting planned for the summer?  Anything fun?  Anything not so fun?  Share your plans with me!

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sienna said...

i'm glad the ball is starting to roll on the adoption process!!!

ivf #2 is in july for me, and then a week in cape cod in august. until july gets here, i am going to be an anxious, overly paranoid mess!!

goodluck to your mom on her knee replacement. that's awesome that you can be out there to help take care of her :o)

Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

Yeah for the school year almost being over. Last year I helped me God daughter's mother move grade levels and that was so much work because we had to move hallways too. Plus it did not help that she had so much stuff. It was a great experience for me though because I will have a good idea when I am setting up my first classroom.

I am glad to hear that the adoption process is rolling. I know that you are going to be such a wonderful mother and cannot wait for you to have that opportunity!

Hope your last few days with your little friends are great!

Ellen said...

Good luck with scheduling the home study interview! I just got mine scheduled today. I am so impressed that your dear birthmother letter is done! It is so hard to get the words to sound just right! Hope the process goes well for you!

Patricia said...

Moving classrooms is a lot of work. The last school I worked at I had to move classrooms twice. All the furniture, materials, and's rewarding but so much work! Hooray for summer! And I'm so excited to hear about all the adoption progress. I can't wait to hear how it all goes.

The pool sounds heavenly and I'd love to see a photo of the end result.

Best of luck to your mom on her surgery.

My summer is filled with concerts and music festivals. I wanted to have a relaxing summer without too much on the agenda.

Jenna said...

Tee hee I teach first grade. That's so cute!

We ended school last Friday and fortunately I didn't have to move classrooms. Although this will be my third year in this room and I'm kind of scared that one day I will have to move and I'll have accumulated so much crap.

Faith said...

Sounds like things are moving along for you...finally:).

No big plans for me, just a lot of working! But, we are going back to MI this summer, too. All our family is there and my husband's brother is getting married and we are both in the wedding! So, as usual, we don't really get vacations, just trips "back home" to see everyone:).

Good luck to your mom and enjoy your time with her!

Julie said...

First off, I love your new blog look!! Rita's pretty amazing!

I'm so excited to hear that the adoption process is started. The hoops that you must jump through are so worth it in the end. Keep your chin up!!

S.I.F. said...

Yay for getting the ball rolling! Bring on the social worker; you guys are going to rock it!

~Rachel~ said...

Your social worker had a family situation too? Oh boy, you can really understand where I am coming from then.

I am so happy your adoption seems to be moving along fairly well, I am glad I am following your journey!

Thank you so much for your encouragement on my last was very sweet of you and it helps a lot to know you can relate!

Andrea said...


How incredibly sweet of you to check in on's always nice to know that you're on someones radar when dealing with IF. I'm well, just busy with work, etc...and need to catch up my blog :) Thank you for thinking of me <3

You will have that room packed up and moved and settled before you know it. Another fresh start, right :)

As for the pool, it sounds like you get much enjoyment from sharing it with others, so its money well spent "on yourselves". We have to be good to ourselves along this journey and believe that all will happen just as it should, as I KNOW it will for you. I look forward to hearing all about your adoption process and know your dear birth mother letter is amazing, just like you!

Best wishes to your Mom on her up coming surgery. How sweet of you to be with her and love her along the way :)

Take care of you and know that I send HUGS and travels.

Much Love,

Andrea said...


sorry, but for some reason the security letters preceed your name on my comment...weird.

Take care,

Stacey said...

I hope you have a great summer break! Enjoy that pool and the time spent with your mom!

That's great that your interview process is underway. Praying all will continue to go well in this area.

Our summer calendar is filling up quickly with family visits and home repairs. We're eager to get things crossed off of our ever-growing to-do list!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new classroom and your "new" pool! :) I'm so excited that the adoption process is moving forward - that's great news!

Basic Girl said...

So jealous of summers off!! Enjoy your fixed up pool, I can't wait til they open here!! And yay for the next steps on the adoption process, can't wait to hear about your home visit...I know you'll rock it though!!!

A said...

Happy almost end of school year!! My sister is an art teacher and she moved rooms last year, and I helped her some, so I know what a big job that is! So glad the adoption interviews are scheduled- won't be long before you're officially waiting!

We don't have any plans for the summer, really, except becoming miraculously pregnant ;-)

Naomi said...

Do you have a script for Barry's interview? Ha! Seriously we are still in prayer for you guys.
We will hold you to those pool parties! What fun! You could charge a small fee...

Luv ya!

Sam said...

Lots happening! Glad you have a nice trip planned--enjoy those now! :)

And a great new room! Hooray!

Your SWs have not been like ours--ours was peeved with me because I took 12 hours to call her back the first time. It was like she thought I wasn't serious about having a kid after that. ;)

Anne said...

Yay for the school year being near, yay for meeting with the social worker soon, and yay for coming to MI!!!

Melissa said...

Yeah for the end of school! We also only have 8 days and I am really looking forward to it! We love our kids but June, July, and August aren't bad reasons to become a teacher! :)

I too was asked if I would like to move to a bigger room... HELLO YES PLEASE! But like you I am dreading the move. Maybe we can motivate each other because at this point I am not in the mood at all!

Good luck with end of the year things!

prashant said...

Hope your last few days with your little friends are great!
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