Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Lovely Blogger Award

The very beautiful and equally sweet, Rachel from The Diary of a Dreamer gave me the One Lovely Blogger Award. Rachel recently changed the name of her blog and gave herself a great makeover. If you weren't reading Faithful Fashionista, you must start reading her new blog. She's a lot of fun! Thanks for the award Rachel!

The rules to this one are pretty simple…post a link to the person who nominated you along with links to your favorite blogs. Have fun discovering new blogs!

Here are my five of my favorite blogs.  If I were to choose all of my favorite blogs, the list would go on forever.  I love so many blogs!  So if I read you, know you are one of my favorites too!

My Basic World

Big Belly or Bust

Day by Day

It's Baby Time

Her Womb, Our Hearts


Becky said...

Thank you so much!

~Katie said...

Yaaa. I am your 70th follower. Congrats! Love your blog and your spirit. And I LOOOOVE that song "So are you to me" Thanks for commenting on my blog. I praying for you. Hang in there. Infertility is a dark ugly place. But THERE IS Sunshine and Rainbows at the end ~ You WILL be a mommy if you want to be. I promise you that!:)

sienna said...

oooooh, thanks soooo much for this - my first award!!!!! soo very exciting :o) and i love the look new blog of your blog. this is inspiring me to think about updating mine as well!!

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