Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Grandma reading to Ellie and Cooper.  Love this!

Ellie and I flew to Michigan early Saturday morning and flew home yesterday.  We went for my aunt's funeral.  It was all quite sudden.  The trip to MI was obviously for a very sad occasion, but the time there with my family was perfect. 

I love watching my mom love on her grandchildren.  I love seeing my nephew play with his cousin.  He calls her "my Ellie."  It's the sweetest thing ever.  I love seeing Ellie reach for my sister when she saw her.  I loved introducing Ellie to all of my family that hadn't met her before this trip.  I love that my BFF was able to watch my daughter while I attended the funeral, even if I didn't get to see her for more than 15 minutes during this trip.

I hated sitting and listening to someone sum up the life of my aunt if just a few words.  How can a person's life be summed up like that?  It can't.  I hate that her life was not longer.  I hate that this woman that I love and have so many memories with, will not get to make those same memories with my daughter.  I hate that Ellie will only know her through stories. 

I love that my aunt was able to meet Ellie in July and love on her.  I hate that I didn't get a picture of that moment.  I love that my memory will allow me to remember that day forever. 

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Sarah said...

So sorry for your loss :( What a precious picture! Glad you got some family love in :)

Faith said...

Life is such a bittersweet experience. So sorry for your loss. So happy that you and Ellie got to spend some time with family.

Stacey said...

Sounds like it was a sweet time with family, but I'm so sorry about your aunt. You'll always have your memories of her, and those will be treasures that you can share with your daughter. (HUGS)

Sam said...

So sorry about your aunt. Glad you could spend some sweet time with Ellie and your family.

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