Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bath Time!

Ellie absolutely loves bathtime! From the moment we start getting her ready for her bath, she starts getting excited. We've still been using her little pink tub in the kitchen sink because it's just easier for us than trying to hunch over the tub. Plus we can kind of keep her contained so she's not flopping around and hitting her head in the big tub.

For a while I thought most people probably have their babies in the big tub by now. But, ya know what I decided? I don't care what most people do. ha! This works for us and we are going to do what works good for us! The sink is probably coming to an end soon. She loves bath time so much and the pink tub is starting to get a bit snug. Until it is too small though, we are going to live it up!

Here are some pics from bath time last night while daddy was at his football game. Ellie and I had a great girls night!

Playing in the sprayer.  She loves this!

Look at that sweet little smile

Those eyes!  And the lashes! 

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Anonymous said...

Once she outgrows her pink tub, just bathe her in the kitchen sink itself. With our son he was bathed in the kitchen sink until he was about 12 months old. He got too splashy to keep it up, so we moved him to the big tub.

Ashley said...

So sweet!

Deni said...

Love me some beautiful Ellie!!! Her eyes are just too gorgeous, well, she's just gorgeous all around!

Faith said...

She is so, so gorgeous:). I Love how cute they are during bath time:).

Samantha said...

She is SO pretty!!! Truitt is in the big boy tub but with one of us in there with him. I'm too worried of a bigtime head bump otherwise!

Sarah said...

A bathing beauty :)

twondra said...

She is soooo sweet and beautiful!!

Sam said...

Absolutely precious. I want to squeeze her. And I like your attitude--I don't care what other people do! There's the spirit. ;)

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