Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My (other) Baby is Very Sick

Sam is very sick.

My normally happy, at times rambunctious 5 year old boy has not been himself.  It started with a lot more sleeping than normal, which I attributed to the heat.  Then he refused to eat much for a day or two.  After a coupled days of him not acting "normal" I planned to take him to the vet when Barry got home from work.  Before he got home Sam was having trouble walking.  It appeared he just lost control of his legs so I took him right then.  I had to carry him and lift him into the car.

His blood work came back with dangerously low levels of iron and red blood cells.  They keep dropping every day even with the medicine and injections the doctors are giving him.  They are trying to figure out what's causing this.  They've done all sorts of tests and yesterday they ran some more tests because the vet now things he has leukemia or some type of bone marrow cancer.  :(   We will know more this afternoon.

My heart is broken.  I know to some he's just a dog, but to me he's my first baby.  I got him when he was 6 weeks old and only weight about 7 lbs.  He's been with me through a lot of crazy hard times.  He's sat with me and licked me when I was crying.  Right now he's so sick and there is nothing I can do about it. 
I just think about all the things I had planned for him and Ellie.  They are supposed to be best friends!  Am I crazy that I love my dog so much?  Maybe to some.  But, right now I don't care.  I just want him back to his normal ball obsessed self.  At this point I wouldn't even hide his ball. 

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Faith said...

Oh Jennifer, you must be so worried! I can honestly say, I know exactly how you feel. We went through pretty much this exact scenario - except it began with vomiting and diarrhea - with our sweet boy last November. We lost him, and I am praying that that is NOT the outcome for your sweet Sam. Our King was just 5 1/2 years old. He, too, was our first born. In fact, if you are crazy, then so am I because this is what I wrote when we lost him:


I honestly couldn't believe how deep my grief went. We still miss him and talk about him often. Anyway, just wanted you to know you are not alone in loving your dog to PIECES and worrying about him like you do. He is lucky to have. I hope and pray they find what is going on for him and fix it soon. Please keep us updated!

Ashley said...

SO sorry! Hope he feels better soon!

Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

I can't imagine what my life would (and someday will) be like without my first "daughter," Ries. She taught me about being a mother long before Laura was even a hope and a dream. I'm so sorry for you!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

As someone who is head over heels in love with my dog-son (a lab also), I can't imagine the pain you are feeling right now. Sending you and your pup many thoughts and prayers right now.

A said...

I don't think you are crazy at all!! Our dogs are totally precious to us, and I know we would feel totally heartbroken, too. Hoping that they can isolate why he is sick and help him feel better. Big hugs coming your way!

Marcie said...

I am so sorry. I completely understand you! They are like children and we feel so helpless when they are sick! Hoping that they can figure out soon what it wrong and that a little medicine will fix him right up!

Samantha said...

I am so so so sorry to hear this. I know that my girls are no where near being "just dogs" and cannot imagine the stress you're going through.

I really hope that they find an answer and it is one that leads to many more happy and healthy years for Sam!

Jonelle said...

You are not crazy. Like you said, Sam is your first baby. I'd be beside myself if Jack was not himself.

I hope the vet can give you some answers as to why Sam is so poorly. I hope and pray it is not cancer.

Andrea said...

Sweetest Jennifer,

I'm crying a river reading this post...we lost our sweet Sunny girl not long ago, very unexpectedly to a ruptured spleen being pressed on by a tumor. Like Sam, she just suddenly became sick. Her cancer was never recognized and she was meticulously cared for.

My heart is breaking alongside yours, as they aren't pets, they are companions and family members. I pray that Sam's diagnosis is not a form of cancer and that he will respond to meds. I'll be praying a very specific prayer.

Much Love

~Rachel~ said...

Oh my goodness, my heart just breaks reading this post. My "fur babies" mean the world to me and are my children so I can totally see why you would feel the way you do. I will say lots of prayers for your pup!

Deni said...

Not unreasonable at all! I would be the same way. I'm so sorry Sam is so sick and wish I could make it better for you. I lost my O'Brien over a year ago and still get choked up about it. They are a part of our hearts and our families!! Sending love and prayers!!

EWO said...

I'm currently in the throes of infertility (recurrent miscarriages) and for mother's day this year, my husband got me a puppy. We have another dog, but he was my husband's before I met him. This puppy is *my* dog through and through, and has been the biggest help through all these difficult times. I can't imagine such a crushing diagnosis. I'll be thinking of your pup and sending lots of positive vibes your way.

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