Saturday, August 6, 2011

6 Months

I know I'm a couple weeks late with this post, but between our vacation and Ellie's pediatrician going on vacation we didn't get in to see him until Wednesday.

She is doing great! She weighs 16.3 lbs and is 26 1/4" long. She's in the 50th percentile for both. At her 3 month visit she was only in the 25th percentile. It's those solid foods.

Ellie eats cereal, although she doesn't much care for it. She prefers her veggies and fruit. She has tried green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, peaches, and pears. Squash being her favorite. Maybe because that came right out of daddy's garden. She hated the peaches. Maybe we will try them again sometime, because peaches are just about my favorite! I'm making a lot of her food, which has been super easy! She also still takes four 8 oz bottles a day.

Check out those teeth!
This girl rolls wherever she wants to go. I can't turn my back or she'll be in another room. She is also scooting all over. She even scoots on her back. She will arch her back and inch along like an upside down inchworm. It's so funny to watch. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. I don't think it will be long before we have a crawler. Which I am in no rush for! That only means she will be into everything and she will be getting too big. When she first turned 6 months old she was a little wobbly at the sitting, now she's got it down.

Her favorite things are her jumperoo. I had a friend give me hers and let me tell you, Ellie loves it! She goes crazy jumping and screaming in that thing. It's so fun to watch her. She still loves her activity mat and swing. Although she doesn't spend much time in the swing anymore. We had to put the bouncy seat away because she was trying to squirm out of it. Have you noticed a pattern? She doesn't like to stay still too much. She sits in her bumbo to watch her Faith Baby DVD if I am getting lunch or dinner ready. We have three of them, but we only watch them about twice a week. She loves them. They have puppets and she laughs and smiles at the puppets. Especially if they pop up out of nowhere.

Which leads to another funny thing about our girl. She loves to be startled. She just laughs and laughs anytime we catch her off guard and startle her. She will jump and then just cackle. It's the cutest thing!

She's still wearing size 6 month clothes. The footed pj's we put her in at night are starting to get a little bit short and I think we will need to jump up in sizes soon. I realize it's 110 degrees here in TX, but with the AC on at night, I still put her in footed pj's. She doesn't have a blanket in her crib and I don't want her little feet to get cold. Speaking of any of you have babies with stinky feet? Well, I do! Miss Ellie has very stinky feet. Only right around her toes. So I think it's because she keeps her toes curled a lot of the time. She hasn't been wearing shoes or socks much because it's just too darn hot!

Little Miss is still in size 2 diapers. I see the diapers changing soon. I'll just use up what we have and then order more. Did I mention we use amazon and are part of the amazon moms program? I've told all my IRL friends about it! I've found it to be cheaper than buying with coupons. I get 30% off my order, no sales tax and free shipping right to my door. I enrolled in the program and they send out diapers automatically each month unless you tell them not to. Which I generally do. With us being on vacation and getting so many diapers at our showers, I haven't ordered consistently each month. Some months I order 3 boxes, other months 1 box. It just depends on how many I have from my shower in the size she is in. You can change your order at any time. I highly recommend it. We use Huggies and I get them cheaper there than any other place I've tried. (I get no incentive for telling you about this. Just wanted to pass along some good mommy advice.)

Other kids have become very interesting to Ellie. She loves to watch them, and smiles all the time she is around them. She also loves our cat! CB is 15 and for the longest time showed zero interest in Ellie. But, in the last month, she has decided Ellie isn't half bad. Ellie will "pet" her and shows her some attention so CB is always near her when she plays on the floor. Ellie and Sam have made up. She loves him again. He has been very sick though. I take him back to the vet today. I'll update on that more later.

Ellie "talks" nonstop. It could be because we talk to her all the time. She's also discovered her voice. As in screaming and squealing. She loves it!  She especially gets excited if we clap and cheer for her.  It's just the cutest thing ever!  This week she also started saying "da da da da da" over and over again. Barry was thrilled of course because he just knew she was saying his name. ;)

She's still sleeping like a champ! She's still taking 3 naps a day. I'm trying to transition her to two because when I go back to work I don't want really want her sleeping in the evening when we have time with her. She goes to bed around 7:30 and gets up at about 7-7:30 in the morning. Then takes a nap at 9:00. She sleeps about 1.5 hours and then is up to play and eat until around 1:00. That nap is her longer nap. She sleeps anywhere between 2-3 hours. If she sleeps 2 hours she'll take and evening nap.  It's usually about 45 minutes.  If she sleeps longer we can usually keep her up in the evenings. This girl loves her sleep!

Ellie had her first vacation in July and returned home just before she turned 6 months old. She and I spent 17 days with my family and friends in Michigan. They got to love on my girl. It was wonderful. So hard to come back. Daddy joined us after the first week. He said it was the hardest week ever being aways from his girl(s) so long. I think it was just the one girl in particular. ha!

I realize this is long and most of you probably didn't read it all. That's ok. This is so I'll remember all the details as Ellie gets older.
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Andrea said...

Absolute cute'ness! Happy 6 Months sweet girl!!!

Andrea said...

Grrr! I tried posting a comment before, but lost it, as there was a glitch.


Happy 6 Months Sweetest Ellie! Eat those peaches and you'll be even sweeter! And I love your owls in your cute!

As for stinky feet, Lleyton's don't stink, yet :) But they sure are sweaty! Jennifer, time is flying and she's the most adorable, gorgeous baby ever! That little face just makes me smile.


Ashley said...

I read it all! I love seeing what we have to look forward to with Kaylee. I also use footed pj's at night. Ellie is so cute and I love the owls!

Becky said...

Your little girl is so darn adorable!! Happy 6 months :)

Samantha said...

I think we may have the same pedi- ours was on vacay too! Is yours Dr L? She is so precious and such a joy to see pictures!

Faith said...

She is so adorable! Her sleep schedule sounds pretty much exactly the same as Addison's - right down to that pesky third nap that she sometimes needs, but sometimes doesn't! Ellie sounds like a great eater, too! That's awesome! Oh, and I use Amazon Mom, too, for all our diapers and wipes - for us, with two babies, it saves us TONS:)!

Stacey said...

Jennifer, she is SO CUTE!!! I love her adorable smiles and her gorgeous eyes -- those lashes! :)

Love your updates. I can't believe how time is flying with these baby girls. Sounds like Ellie is doing really well with trying new foods! Unlike her mommy, my Lily does love peaches. Much to my surprise, though, we gave her watermelon this weekend and thought she'd really like it but we were wrong! It's funny the things that babies love/hate to eat.

Oh, and there must be something about VERY sweet and cute baby girls having stinky toes... ;)

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