Friday, August 12, 2011

Sam Update

I want to thank all of you who commented on my last post.  You were so sweet and many of you had me in tears. I love that our community of bloggers all stick together to support one another!  It meant so much to me!

No one around here is a pi11 pus.her or a addi.ct.  Those are the pills that Sam has to take twice a day.  Thankfully the vet ruled out leukemia.  After all the tests they've run in the last 2 weeks, he called his specialist friend in Dallas for a phone consult.  He believes Sam has some sort of an auto immune disease that is causing the hemolytic anemia.  He's lost a lot of red blood cells and they are not regenerating on their own.  These two vets put their heads together and decided the course of treatment for Sam and it includes all those pi11s twice a day.  My vet wants me to call him everyday and give him an update on Sam and then take him in once a week for new lab work.  He is hoping this can help him turn the corner, but said there is no guarantee.  I am praying it works! 

Sam's on a large dose of steroids each day and that gives him more energy than he's had in the past.  Well, yesterday we had rain, yes I said RAIN, in Texas!  The storm clouds were a glorious site!  Ellie was napping so I went outside on the patio and sat just to watch and wait for the rain.  My thermometer said 81.  I couldn't remember when it had been 81 degrees.  Sam sat our with me too.  He's supposed to stay cool and calm so he doesn't usually get out much during the day with the heat.  I knew he was loving it as much as I was.  He even seemed to perk up a bit and get his throw toy.  Of course I didn't really throw it much for him since he's not supposed to exert himself.  But, I did get this shot with my phone.

(You'll notice our grass is like straw. We gave up watering because it was still dead. Now we've just embraced the dead grass.)

Thanks again for all your sweet comments! 

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RELH said...

Poor thing!

Marcie said...

Great pic of Sam! So glad that he seems to be feeling better!

Sarah said...

Oh Sammy dog I hope you get better! So glad to hear its not Leukemia! Our pets are our babies too right! :) Hope he's on the mend. Tell Sam Im taking about as many pills has he is :)

Courtney said...

Aww, poor guy! I hope the meds work and that he starts feeling better soon.

Can I just tell you how strange it was to read this post? I received a text from a friend last night asking me to pray for the baby of a friend of hers who had been rushed to the hospital yesterday and he was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia. I had never heard of it before and then I read it here on your blog. So crazy.

Jonelle said...

Thanks for the update, Jennifer. I hope this new regimen works for Sam. Nice pic :)

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