Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Secret Identity

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A couple weeks ago one of my students hurt his knee before school.  He went to see the nurse and she gave him an ice pack to make him feel better.  When he got to class he went on and on about his ice pack.  Did you know second graders love ice packs??  Well, they do! 

He was sitting at his desk reading when his BFF walked in the door to our room.

What happened next still cracks me up.

He yelled across the room, "Hey T, do you recognize me with my ice pack?"  I immediately busted out laughing and said, "J, you don't have the ice pack on your face, it's on your knee."

Whoever said teaching was boring?  It certainly wasn't me!!

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Faith said...

LOL, love it! I think it's so funny how kids just LOVE ice packs - I think they represent the nurturing they still need sometimes, even if they want to deny it:).

rebecca said...

Just what I needed a good laugh:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words! Hope you get some more happy moments this week.

Julie said...

Oh..that famous ice pack...my kindergartener and first grader have already had to use an ice pack twice this year. It's all the rage when you are 6 and 7!!!

S.I.F. said...

Absolutely adorable! Ha!

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