Friday, October 22, 2010

The Best Small Group

I've written before about how blessed I feel to be part of such an amazing small group.  These wonderful people have become some of my very best friends.  Living so far away from my family, they have become my family here in Texas.  They have supported us through our fertility treatments and now with our adoption journey.  They have prayed with us, for us and over us.  They are some of the most amazing, giving people I know.  I love them all. 

We hosted our small group at our house most of the summer since we have a pool.  The kids and adults all love the pool and it gives us a great time to fellowship.  One Sunday, our friends surprised us with some baby  necessities.  It wasn't a shower, because they know I want to wait until we have a baby home with us.  They did however want us to be prepared in case we get a sudden placement.  Like I said, they are the best! 

Here are some pics from that evening.

Just a few of us

Here's all of our goodies in the nursery. 
Sam follows me from room to room.  He's never far from my side. 

The dresser you see in the pic about is the dresser I found on Craigs.list for $100.  It has so much room and it will be perfect as a changing table.  There were just a few scratches that I touched up with paint.  I can't wait to fill it up with stuff.  :)

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Naomi said...

We love you all too! After almost every time we hang out or have our study, Wes and I talk about what a blessing it is to have a great group of friends.
Can't wait to see what God has in store for you all! More Chapman's to love - sounds good to me!

Jana said...

what a wonderful group of friends you have. i hope your baby comes soon.

sienna said...

sounds like you have an awesome group of friends who've really been there for you through your journey!! i love that they got you some goodies so that you're ready for a sudden placement. i can just feel it through bloggyland that you are going to make the very best mother. everything is crossed for you that you get your baby soon. i know there are so many couples waiting for their children, but you're the very essence of goodness (i can just tell), so i don't want you to have to wait. sending big hugs and *fingers crossed* for you :o)

Sam said...

That is so thoughtful! And the baskets are so cute.

Saige said...

How sweet of your friends. There is one thing I can say with certainty about Texans (or transplants), their hearts are as big as the state. You can't be here and not be generous, its just the way things are here. I love it.

Anonymous said...

What sweet friends you have - everything looks great!!!!

Faith said...

Awww, how sweet. I live very far from family, too, and am jealous of that amazing support system you have found! And the nursery is adorable, doggie and all:).

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