Monday, May 12, 2008

Surprise Visit

I returned yesterday from my surprise visit to Michigan! My sister picked me up at the airport Thursday night and took me to my mom's to surprise her. Julie actually bought my ticket as her Mother's Day present for my mom. What a great sis and daughter!!! My flight left Dallas almost an hour late so I got into Detroit later than expected which meant by the time we got to my mom's she was in bed. We didn't want to just go in and scare her so Julie called her from the driveway. She told her she had gotten into a fight with Marty (her husband) and was coming to stay the night. Ha! When we went in, I hung out in the kitchen and waited for her to make her way there. My mom was pretty out of it. She asked Julie if she wanted her to make up the crib for Cooper. Julie told her she didn't bring Cooper....that's when I jumped out and said, "she brought me instead!!!!" She was surprised for sure!! It was great....I think she was even more relieved to know there hadn't been a fight and Julie wasn't staying. :)

We had a great weekend. I didn't see any of my friends because I really just wanted to spend it with my mom....of course Cooper and Julie too. I tell you...Cooper is a beauty!!! He is sooooo fun and has the best personality. Strangers come up and comment on how smiley and cute he is.....HE IS CUTE!!!! I'm so glad I had that short time at home.

Today is an amazingly beautiful day in Texas! I do love it here and it really feels like home now. As much as I miss my family, it was good to get home. I missed my wonderful husband too. He spent most of the weekend doing some projects around here and working in his garden. I'll have to post pictures of that soon. It is amazing how much stuff you can plant in one area. He's a master at using the space to maximize it in the best possible way. I can't wait to get some yummy tomatoes from it. On a different note....3 weeks left until the end of the year! My interview for the other position is this Thursday...send some good thoughts and prayers my way! I'll let you all know how it goes!

Have a great week!!


CarrieHawk said...

What a great story and a great family!!

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