Monday, May 19, 2008

The Countdown has Begun... it hasn't just begun....but it is in the single digits now.....8 days left and two of those are early release days. :) This time next week I'll be at Six Flags. I am the student council sponsor and we are headed there for our end of the year field trip. These kids have worked hard all year and deserve this fun day! It will be my first trip so to say I'm excited is an understatement!!! Another great part of that is that Barry will also get to go with us. Speaking of Barry....he is an amazing husband and I LOVE him sooooo much! On another Barry note...he accepted a new job today. He starts in two weeks. Please pray for him and send good thoughts his way during this transitional time. He is excited about this wonderful opportunity...we both are. It's a sales job in the marine industry (which is what he's done in the past) just with a different product. It will be a bit of a drive for now, but we will be putting our house on the market sometime this summer and making a move down into the Dallas Metroplex area. It's exciting and scary at the same time.

I've started making my lists (I'm famous for them) of our "To Do" projects to get ready for the move. We have been talking about having a garage sale for quite some time, but now we definitely need to get on the ball. We are thinking about next weekend. It will allow us time this weekend to sort through our stuff and get ready. Now that I am typing that, I think that maybe I might put it off a weekend. That would give me time after I am out of school to get everything all set up. We also have a few projects to complete on our house. We've done SOOOO much landscaping this spring that we won't have to tackle that part.

It was 97 degrees here today. I talked to my mom in Michigan and it was in the 40's there this morning. I'm not missing that!

Enjoy your week!!!


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