Monday, May 5, 2008

Odds and Ends

It's Monday! I have 16 days of school left....two of those I won't be in the classroom. I am soooooooooooo ready for the end of the year. It hasn't been a bad year, just a year of changes. I not only moved to a new grade, but a new school in a totally different state. Last summer wasn't exactly relaxing because I was planning my move and packing. This summer, I plan to enjoy it all!! When school's out I plan to spend sometime in my backyard doing some landscaping and enjoying the pool!! I'm helping my sister in law Amy at Day Camp for a few days, then spending a few weeks in Michigan. I'll be there for Cooper's first birthday! I can't believe he's almost 10 months old. WOW! After that, it's back to Texas and the pool! Fun times!

I've applied for a new position in my district, I'll post more on that after my interview. I will say that it would require me going back and taking some more classes, which I'm always up for! I already have my masters degree so that would lessen the hours needed. I've put together quite a bit of information in preparation for the interview so I hope it goes well!

Five new words were added to my vocabulary last week..."I've got high blood pressure." Yes, they are five ugly words! Over the past several months, I'd been having at least three headaches a week. I've always been prone to migraines and headaches, but this was ridiculous. I'd also been extremely tired. I finally broke down and made an appointment to see my dr....did I mention how great she is?? The nurse took my BP and it was pretty high (for me). She took it in the other arm...same results. I waited in the room for about 10 min and the dr took it when she came in....again in both arms. Unfortunately for me, nothing had changed. She gave me a copy of the DASH Diet and told me to come back in 2 weeks. Well, last Thursday was my two week re-check. It hadn't worked. I am now on a low strength beta blocker. So far so good! I had to go in today to get an antibiotic....I have a nasty sinus infection. My BP was perfect!! I go back again next week to have it checked. Hopefully this will do the trick. I have a family history of high blood dad died of a heart attack at 48, my mom has been on BP meds since she was 40 and my sister is also on them. That doesn't even count my grandparents who died from heart attacks. I was just hoping to make it to 40 before I started meds. I guess I started about three years early. At least I know what was causing the headaches. I haven't had one since I started eating right and drinking MUCH less caffeine. The bonus to the meds she put me on is that they reduce headaches. Now if they could just reduce weight, I'd be in luck! ha!

That's the latest with me. Nothing too exciting. We did have family pictures done with Barry's family on Saturday. I'll post a couple when we get them. I think they'll turn out cute! I got some fun ones after the photographer was done of our nephews and niece. They are just adorable!!!

Have a great week everyone!

BTW....I might just have some big news to share on Friday! I'll let you know on Friday!! It's a surprise for now!



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