Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Michigan in the Fall

There's just really no place like Michigan in the Fall. I absolutely love the beautiful colors and chilly temps! I miss waking up to that brisk Autumn air and watching the sunrise on my drive into school. I miss wearing a jacket or vest to stay warm. I miss the smell of the leaves and of the campfires the neighbors have. Yes, it's true, there really is no place like Michigan in the Fall!!

I just spent an action packed weekend in Michigan. It was a fast trip and I was busy most of the time, but I am thrilled I made the trip. I spent most of my time with my family, specifically the sweetest baby ever...Cooper. I was also able to see a few friends and many students from last year when I stopped by the school that where I used to teach. Since there really weren't many big events to tell about from the weekend, I'll let a few pictures do the talking!

Have a great week everyone!

Look at Cooper's blue eyes!

Soooo serious! He wasn't loving those leaves.

He is just such a cutie!

Look at that smile!

Me with my mom and Cooper


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