Friday, November 16, 2007

Choose Love

24 years ago yesterday my dad passed away. He was 48 years old and had a heart attack at work. His best friend was there and said it was quick and he was gone before he hit the floor. He tried CPR and said there was just nothing he could do. Given the choice between a quick death or a long and painful death, I think we'd all choose quick. My dad left behind two daugters, one 12 and the other 10, as well as a wife who loved him deeply. He was truly the love of her life and she his. How do I know this? Not just by their actions, but also because my mom still says that. After all these years, my mom has never remarried or even dated. It makes me sad at times that she is alone, but it also makes me happy. To know that my parents were so in love that my mom doesn't feel she could ever find anyone who would even compare to my dad is pretty amazing. We live in an age now where some people marry and divorce as often as some women buy new bras. It really is a testament to the type of love and committment my parents shared. That type of love requires a deep committment and dedication to one another. I know that there must have been times that weren't always easy for them. They had to have went through some struggles, but they made a choice. They chose to love one another each day, even when they were mad at one another or when times were tough. They chose to remain committed to one another and to take their vows seriously. They chose to honor God with their marriage and to raise a family where God was the center. I know this because in those 12 years I had with my mom AND dad, I had the most wonderful childhood. I felt secure in the love my parents had for us as well as for eachother. I never doubted my parents love for one another or for my sister or me. My childhood was happy and full of joy. So today, I honor not only my father, but more importantly my mother. You see, even after my dad died, she continued to raise us in a way that would have made my dad so very proud of her. She has truly been an inspiration to me. I know that my marriage to Barry will not always be easy, but I will love him just like my mom and dad loved one another.


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