Monday, October 1, 2007

Odds and Ends

I just can't seem to make time to update my blog on a regular basis. I was going to make a new header for the fall tonight and then couldn't stay with it long enough to get it done. Soooo....I went with a default format for now with some minor adjustments to the color. Let me know if it's too hard on the eyes.

School has been keeping me busy! I am enjoying it, but once again I seem to volunteer for too many things! Ha! Some things just never change. Barry didn't have any games to officiate on Saturday so we got to spend the entire day together. It was great! We went to lunch and then just ran some errands. We also stopped and checked out some new developments closer to where I am teaching. Well, let me just say that the developers must not think people want a backyard. The yards were soooo small!!! His current house has a great backyard and also a pool. The houses we looked at have a TINY backyard and not even room for a kiddie pool. We just couldn't see paying so much more for so much less. His house is older, but he has done soooo much work on it and it is really perfect for us right now. It has an open floorplan which we want in anything we buy down the road. For now, we have decided that we aren't going to make any plans right now. We weren't planning on doing anything right this second anyway....just for anyone who is curious. We aren't engaged yet, just doing some planning for the future. :) We are enjoying spending time together and seeing one another more than once a month. As hard as it was for me to move, my moving here has been a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know one another even better. We know that God has great things planned for us. I feel very blessed to have Barry in my life.

I'm flying back to Michigan at the end of the month. I'll get to see my family...especially one adorable little baby!!! Julie is even going to let me keep Cooper overnight. I can't wait to see everyone. It will be a short, but fun trip. Hopefully, I'll have some great pics of Cooper to share. Julie isn't too good at taking pictures and forwarding them on to me.
I'll try to update more regularly for those few who actually read my page. For now, I'll leave you with a couple pics.

A cold evening visit to grandma's house needed the fleece one piece outfit. Not even sure what to call it. I think he looks so sweet sleeping in his carseat. Of course I am bias!!

Sam and KC playing around the pool. Sam would not leave that poor girl alone!


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