Thursday, July 28, 2011

Going Fishing!

My nephew Cooper is obsessed with fishing.  On the days that my mom keeps him, she takes him to this park near her house that has a fishing lake.  He watches the men fishing and has a fantastic time.  Barry loves to fish and once Cooper found that out, he would tell Uncle Barry he wanted to go fishing.  He even told one of the fishermen at the lake that his Uncle Barry was going to teach him how to fish.

Every single time we talked Cooper on the phone, he would talk to us about going fishing.  We knew we had to get him a fishing pole for his birthday.  We were back in Texas by the time he turned 4, but we did give it to him while we were in Michigan.  I think it was a success!

Waiting for his surprise!  Yes, he is still wearing his pj' sister said she picks her battles and pj's during the day isn't one of them.  :)

Wow!  A fishing pole!

Checking it out.

It's a Spiderman fishing pole!

Happy boy

Ellie wants to check it out.

No Ellie, it's not for babies.

Get away from MY fishing pole!

Maybe if I hold it up high she won't be able to reach it.

Barry getting the line ready.

What a mess!

Uncle Barry teaching Cooper how to hold the pole.



Way to go!

I want to do it by myself

Success in the for the lake!

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Andrea said...

How sweet!!!!!

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