Thursday, January 21, 2010

You've Got to Check This Out!

Suz from Steece's Pieces has a great product review and give away on her product review blog. She reviewed the Yummie Tummie. She says it's like a non-invasive tummy tuck. These tanks smooth away lumps and bumps and seem to be quite slimming. After pregnancy and in her case quadruplets, she said her body has been through a lot. I bet! I haven't even had a baby yet and I need one of these! She's got before and after pictures posted on her blog. Go check them out! The even better news is that you can win a $100 gift card from Yummie Tummie. I hope I win!! I'm needing it more and more everyday with all these fertility drugs!


Anne said...

Hey Jennifer. I posted this down a little further that way people would hopefully not notice. I just really want to and felt the need to apologize to you. I hope that I did not lead you astray on my blog. Everything I posted was completely true up until Jan. 17th. I know I posted some things that were not true, but I did that because some very close family to us reads my blog, and knew we were going to do the IUI and I didn't want them to know something was up. I feel awful because so many people, including you, were so supportive through your comments, and I know that you have been having a difficult time and I am so incredibly sorry for that. I also wanted to tell you about the Sudafed thing though...have you guys tried it? I know it is random, but it is worth a shot. Our chances were so low....if you interested in the regimen let me know. Granted that it might not necessarily work unless you were for sure ovulating as well, in our case, Chris was the only one with issues. The only reason my OB was putting me on clomid as well was just for the IUI, in hopes that it would give us a better chance of it working. Hope to hear from you soon. Also if you want to delete this comment, feel free. You can also email me at: or add me on facebook if you have one. :)

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