Saturday, January 9, 2010

Clean Sweep

Has anyone watched Clean Sweep? I love this show! The crew goes in and helps people organize their stuff and get rid of clutter. I know there are several shows out there like this and I love them all! Today was clean sweep day at our house. Barry was out of town for work and which just happened to take him to the town where his brother and his family lives. They just happened to be moving so he also helped them with that.

While he was gone, I decided it was time to tackle the office. I wanted to get some sort of organizer for the closet. Well, I was able to use what I already had around the house. What a bonus! I really need to start taking pictures of my projects. I totally forgot about it today. Today I not only organized the closet, but I organized the entire room. I had paperwork to go through and file and just junk to throw out. I put all my sell stuff into a big box and also grabbed a garbage bag for junk. We are planning to declutter the entire house and have a garage sale when it warms up. It felt great to purge all the clutter from that room. My desk is clean and the chaise is free of piles of paperwork. I can finally go in there and read in my little corner. Now I just need a new shredder. Ours died a while back and we haven't replaced it yet. I have a basket of stuff to shred. That will have to wait for another day.


paige said...

i love a good de-clutter myself!
i used to be a total packrat & now i barely save anything!

the bricks on our fireplace were this way when we bought the home. i had actually considered doing a wash over them but have yet to do so.
lmk if you transform yours!

Jo said...

Don't you just love the feeling of having everything in it's place and purging the rest!


Anne said...

Good luck tomorrow Jennifer, praying for you!!

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