Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Horse Story

I've been a terrible blogger lately. Someday soon I plan to catch up on our wonderful Christmas in Michigan with my family and fantastic New Year in Oklahoma with Barry's family. Until then...I leave you with a picture that has been sent to me by a couple different friends. As a teacher, I find it soooo funny and actually laughed out loud when I read it. Enjoy!


Kevin said...

Kids say the greatest things at times.

I have had your site bookmarked for a while---I tend to do that when I come across ones that are written by Christians. From your writings I am guessing you are.

Although I am form other side of the pond, I ahve a freind in Bark River Mi.

Rochelle said...

I'm a friend of Shellie Salza's and stumbled upon your blog. This post made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing.

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