Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Pictures

Here is a random sample of the pics I've taken in the last two days. I most likely have taken about 500 pictures....I'm a freak...I know! I have some FANTASTIC ones of the kids in the pool, but for privacy reasons, I won't post any with their face. Here are some of my other favorites.

Wow! I think this is one of my favorite pictures of my handsome husband. I absolutely love this picture. I love the man even more!

Here's Sam trying to cool off. This Texas heat is all new to him. He will just step into the pool on the first step and that's it. I try to get him in further because he will be able to cool off...NO luck! Now lakes...he'll jump right in and swim all over. He just does not like the steps on the pool. He fell into my sister's pool when he was a puppy and couldn't get to the steps because a floatie was in the way. Since that experience he has not been a pool lovin' puppy.

The kids love to help Uncle Barry in the garden. Here's Tressie checking out the green peppers. I love this in Black and White. Such an easy subject to photograph too!

The kids love it when Barry launches them into the pool. Bobby got some lift on this one. (Pay no attention to the shrubs....they need to be trimmed....on my to do list!

Barry was splashing the kids and himself. The water droplets and splash on this picture is soooo clear! I love it!

Barry's cucumbers....his garden is amazing! Everything is organic. I am soooo impressed with his hard work on that garden. We have been eating some of the yummiest tomatoes!

Hope you enjoyed these. I know I sure have enjoyed taking them!



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