Monday, June 9, 2008

My Birthday Came Early This Year!

Over a month early to be precise. Here's a little background info...
I'm the picture taking freak in my family. I always have a camera and love taking pictures. I took the pictures for Cooper's birth announcement and they actually turned out pretty good. ha!
I love taking pictures, but my camera just doesn't do everything I want it to a new camera is in order. I have spent a lot of time doing my research and settled on the *Nikon*D40*. I knew it would be something I used birthday and christmas money to purchase as well as saving up some money of my own. My family even knew I was planning on this and that in the place of gifts it would be great to have money to put towards the camera. I was planning on maybe getting it by Christmas....I'm on a teacher's budget ya know!
Anyway....on to my early birthday... We have our niece and nephews for a couple of days and Barry's parents came to visit yesterday as well. Amy was here dropping off the kids and Joe and Linda arrived. Much to my surprise they came with my birthday gifts. Imagine my surprise because my birthday isn't until the middle of July. I am going to be in Michigan...but still! After finishing up a couple things we sat down and I started opening my gifts. Can you even imagine my shock when I opened this?????

It's the *Nikon*D60*!! It's a step up from what I was even thinking about getting! I was in shock! It is such a generous gift....Barry's family all went in on it! I am so thankful for this! I just can't even begin to thank them enough for this! It is truly an amazing birthday gift. I took quite a few pictures yesterday. I won't upload the ones of the kids, but I will upload some others later. I have a LOT to learn about this camera, but I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful the pictures are that I took already! This camera ROCKS!!
A special thanks to Joe and Linda for getting this together. Also to Barry for emailing his family that gift cards to put towards a camera would be a great idea. Towards was the key word....not purchase. But, I'm not complaining!!
Thanks so much for such a wonderful gift!


Shellie Salza said...

What a sweet gift. I'll be looking forward to some pics in your posts!

CarrieHawk said...

They know you will make excellent use of their money!

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