Thursday, March 6, 2008


We left school early today due to bad weather! It started snowing right about lunchtime, then changed to freezing rain. We left about 2:00 and once we started our 20 minute drive north it started snowing like crazy! I'm a Michigan gal and haven't seen snowflakes the size of these very often. The driving was slow on the way home because the roads were pretty bad. We happened to have the camera because Barry had it at school this week taking pictures of his kids for a class project. I got some pretty good ones of the snow and scenery.

By the time we made it home, we had about 5" of snow. I changed into my boots and put on some winter stuff and went outside with Sam. Barry had to take his camera out so we could take some pics in the backyard. We had a great time! Sam LOVES the snow! He bounds through the yard, hopping around like a freako! I tried to make a snowman, but he preferred to eat it and smash it with his paws.

They are saying up to 9" of snow tonight....we are hoping!! If we get that much, we are sure to have a snow day! We'd even have one in Michigan with that amount of snow. Keep your fingers crossed, wear your pajamas backwards and do some snow dances for us!
Everyone who knows me well, knows I LOVE Sonic! I had to
take a pic on the way home as we were slowed to a crawl!

Another pic taken from the car while we were driving
soooooo SLOW.

Look at the snow coming down!

Sam absolutely loves the snow!
He has been so happy playing in it this week.

In our backyard

In the midst of making a small snowman.

Sam is a snowman killer! He smashed it! ha

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Sam said...

Your doggie is SOOOO cute! :)

And those snow shots are gorgeous. Wait...aren't you in Texas? :) It snows there? :)

Sandi said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for visiting my blog... I came to check yours out. I'm a big fan of hot beverages (mostly coffee) so I immediately loved it!!!
I didn't know it snowed like that in Texas ever, but in March it just seems crazy.
I went to the blog you referenced a few posts ago, the confessions of a husband one... talk about an amazing story. I had to fight back tears at least 5 times.
Okay, I'll be back later... maybe to a new design???

Sam said...

Hi again Jennifer,

Here is a great link where you can check every meal prep location, by city, in the state of Texas! ;)

Have fun!

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