Monday, March 17, 2008

Cutie Pie!!!

Julie and Cooper left late this afternoon after spending 5 nights with us. We had such a wonderful visit!! I have more pictures that I will post later, but here are a few of just the most adorable baby ever!! Cooper is such a good baby. I couldn't get over how friendly he is whenever he meets anyone new. He smiles the biggest smiles all the time. The only time he really cries is when he wants something to eat. Julie is such a good mom, she is so relaxed with him! I am sure that's why he is such a "go with the flow" kind of guy. I'm pretty sure he will walk before he ever crawls. He hates being on his stomach so much that he flips right over to his back. Cooper just wants to stand all the time. Needless to say, I had a wonderful visit! I was sad to see them go. My mom arrived on Saturday and is staying through Sunday so we will get some fun time together! More pictures later this week!

What's Uncle Barry doing???

Ride 'em Cowboy!! Here's Cooper on a saddle at our school open house.
The kindergarteners did a western theme.

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Pug Mama said...

what a sweetie!!!

Scott, Kelly, Jacob & Isabelle said...

Hey thanks for visiting our blog! And thanks for all the compliments!! Come by anytime, I haven't been able to post much latley..but I have lot's to post about! That sure is some crazy weather ya'll had up there! You must be near Dallas! It never snows in Houston!!

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