Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crafty, Crafty, Crafty!!!

I've been in a crafty mood lately! I've started making these decorated clipboards and selling them to teachers at my school for $10. I've also got a couple orders from my mother-in-law for herself and a teacher she works with. Some of the teachers at my school ordered for themselves, others ordered as Christmas gifts for other teachers or children. I think they make a fun gift idea for $10.
I also made a CUTE, CUTE, CUTE Christmas Card holder! I bought a plain white tin at Hobby Lobby and decorated it. I used Mod Podge to put on some pretty "Christmasy" paper and stickers. Then I added some more embellishments on top of that. I think it turned out super cute!

I'm in such a crafty mood, who knows what will be next!! Stay tuned!

The front view of my clipboard. This is for a student in my school district. I used our school colors. I can't find my picture of the back. It has the cutest black paw prints. We are the Coyotes!

The front view of my Christmas card holder. It's so much cuter in person. This picture is a bit dark! I used paper, stickers, embellishments and ribbon. I think I am going to switch the ribbon for something more muted and add some "jingle bells" to it! I just think this is darling!

Here's a too shiny view of the back.

Another pic of the back

One of the sides.

The other side...more paper and stickers.

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