Monday, June 27, 2011

Five Month iPhone pics

I'm so late in posting pics from our 5 month photoshoot and an update. Right now I'm just going to post a couple of my favorites that I took with my iPhone and an update. Regular pics will be posted when I return to Texas.

We continue to fall more in love with Ellie each day. She is truly the sweetest baby ever!! She's happy all the time. She still only cries if she's hungry or overly tired. We try to avoid that last one. Ha!

Ellie is still taking 7 ounces at a time and we've also added rice cereal and stage 1 veggies. This girl loves to eat!!

She continues to wow us with her rolling and scooting. She has also started pushing up on her knees. Now if she could just figure out her arms. She loves to play on the floor.

She goes to bed between 8-8:30 and gets up between 6-7:30. We are blessed with a great sleeper. She takes about an hour nap in the morning, three hours in the afternoon and 45 min in the evening.

Ellie still loves her playmat and also the bumbo seat. She also loves to sit with me in the rocker while I read books or a bible story. She is rarely without a smile. She will smile and "talk" to just about anyone. She will let any of our friends hold her. No sign of stranger fear yet either. Our pool has also been a big hit! We hoped she'd love the pool since she loves her bath so much!

Ellie can still wear lots of her 3 month sized clothes. Her sleepers are 6 month size because of the length.

At our 5 month visit Ellie weighed 12 lbs 9 oz and was 24.5" long. She has some chunky thighs, but that's about the only chunky part of her body.

Ellie laughs like crazy at us and when we tickle her. It is the sweetest sound ever! We could not love her more if we tried! She has made our lives better than we ever imagined. We are feel blessed beyond belief.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but if I am I'll add it soon.

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Faith said...

Oh, she is SO cute! She is such a little peanut too! My Addy is already over 14lbs and she is only 4 months old, lol! You are very blessed - and twice over because it sounds like you have an easy going baby there:). Yay! Things are MUCH harder when they aren't that easy, so I am so happy for you that Ellie is so sweet! Keep updating, I love it!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Great photos, what a cutie!

Deni said...

Am in LOVE with that cute smile! She sounds like she's working on making this mommy thing easy for you, but she's got good parents to work with! I want to see her bathing suit pics with her in the pool ;)

Andrea said...

Hey Jennifer!

SO happy you all are having a great summer! Ellie is growing and ever so adorable...I just want to snuggle her up :) It's amazing just how much we can love them isn't it. I look at Lleyton and marvel at him each day...he fills me up.

And I continue to be thankful for our many blessings.

Take care sweet friend

Salza Family said...

What a sweetie! So glad you're visiting family and enjoying your summer!

W.S said...

Ai que bebe lindo^^

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