Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have been terrible about posting for ICLW and commenting this month.  If you are new to my blog and have left me a comment, I promise to get back to you soon  sometime.   I look forward to finding some new blogs. 

Sorry I don't have time to post more, I need to change the sheets in our guest room before Ellie wakes up.  My mom arrives tomorrow to meet her grand daughter.  I could fool myself with thinking she is coming to see me, but I think we all know better. 

Take care!

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Hillary said...

You are a good woman Jennifer. When my mom came to meet Colbie for the first time, I'm pretty sure she had to change her own sheets. And I promise, she didn't mind one bit.

Even though you aren't recovering from childbirth, you still have a newborn and are tired. Take all of the help you can get.

Congrats again, Ellie is beautiful!!!

The Bounds Family said...

I just cry, I am so happy for you guys. We love you guys and are so happy for you. God is great!!

Sarah said...

More pics of Ellie please! When you get time that is :) hehe

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