Saturday, December 18, 2010


My wonderful husband shares a birthday with my sweet friend Nikki. We had our second annual birthday party for them this year. Last year I planned ahead of time and this year I sent out a text message Friday morning just before school started. We have wonderful friends, because they all were quick to reply with a "Yes, we'll be there!" Our friends Greg and Amy even offered to host so I didn't have to rush home after school and get things ready since Greg had the day off. We have the best friends!

Here's some pictures I took that night...
Snacking and chatting

The birthday boy
Nikki (the birthday girl), Naomi and Abby

Greg and Kyle hanging out around the fire pit while the kids roasted marshmallows. 
Did I mention how much I LOVE Texas in December??
The sweet newlyweds

I love this sweet baby!

This poor sweetie wanted outside with the bigger girls. 

I am officially on vacation!  I'm so excited!  Friday we leave for Michigan to spend a week with my family.  I can't wait.  Barry is hoping for a big snowstorm while we're there.  I'm not!  I'm hoping for just a nice amount of snow so we can still get out an see all our friends and family we need to visit. 
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S.I.F. said...

Well happy birthday to Barry AND Nikki! So much fun! And I am totally jealous of you being on vacation... I wish I was too!

Faith said...

Wow, how cool! You do have some amazing friends! I love the birthday boy's tshirt - I'm an alumni:). We visited MI 2 Januarys ago and swore to never do it again - we hated traveling around the state to see family and friends in the snow:). Hope you have fun!

Andrea said...


What adorable friends!!! Have a wonderful time in MI with your family :) Blessings to you and Barry in the New Year.

Continuing to pray for your MIRACLE...its coming :)

ps enjoy your time out of the classroom

Sam said...

Have a wonderful vacation! :)

Sherman Unkefer said...

I can see its a very fun birthday with nice circle of friends. Happy New Year!

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