Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Getaway

Barry's parents planned a Christmas Getaway for our family this year. We all loaded up and went to Ridgedale, MO right outside of Branson. I rode up with his parents and grandpa because Barry couldn't leave as early as they could. My family was coming down and I didn't want to waste a minute with them. Unfortunately, the ice storm in Chicago prevented my mom, sister and nephew from making it. They had to turn around and head home.

We stayed in the most beautiful home on Table Rock Lake. There was plenty of room for us to enjoy ourselves and enjoy each other. We had an amazing time. It was a very special Christmas that we'll always remember.

Here are some pics...

We walked in the house to this kitchen! I could sure get used to this.

Lots of room

The family room downstairs

Here's our room. It was beautiful. We could walk right out onto the screened in porch...of course with the cold weather...we didn't.

Media room
We all loved this room, but I think the guys may have enjoyed it just a tad bit more than we did.

Barry with his video camera on Christmas morning.

Going for a walk into the woods.

Brothers wrestling

Making a snow angel.

The finished project!


Anne said...

Wow, that place looks gorgeous, how fun! I am sorry about your family not being able to make it for Christmas. Good 'ol Midwest weather.
Thank you for commenting on my blog. Some days it is SO nice to know that other people are understanding of how you feel. I hope you have a really great New Year.

Sam said...

That looks wonderful. Happy New Year!

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