Monday, November 16, 2009

No Luck

We did our first IUI on the 5th and it didn't work. The next cycle we will use a different medication and shot. I didn't really expect it to work the first time because they are finding out so many things at the same time. Even though I wasn't too optimistic, it is still hard to hear that it didn't work. Don't get me doctor and his nurses are amazing! They are so delicate and sweet, but it is still difficult. You put all your effort and hope into something and then nothing. Hopefully, the next time I'll be more optimistic. But, right now I'm not feeling that way. After two years of trying and nothing happening, it gets frustrating.

I think part of the problem is that I am just soooooo tired. I have a really tough class this year. Well, I should say I have three very difficult students. I leave each day exhausted and unhappy about what I'm getting accomplished because all of my time is spent dealing with severe behavior problems. This on top of the fertility issues have made me feel tired all the time. Friday is the beginning of a week vacation for me. I am ready!

I going to OKC to spend the weekend with some girlfriends and then on Saturday we are going to Tulsa to Affair of the Heart. Apparently, it is a huge flea market/craft show. It will be fun to get away and have some girl time. Then we are going to spend Thanksgiving with Barry's family. I'm ready for some down time.

Do any of you have fun plans for Thanksgiving?


Ms. Skywalker said...

Sounds like you definitely need some time for you.

It's amazing what can happen when you allow that...and what can happen when you don't.

Thinking of you.

(And who has fun plans for Thanksgiving? I want their life.)

paige said...

feeling exhausted ......ugh.
i am so sorry you are wore out. praying this week for you is one of rest & refueling.
blessings to you jennifer.

Sam said...

Oh Jennifer, I feel for you. I've been there. I just fervently hope you don't have to go through this for long--it was 3 1/2 years for me, and that's BEFORE we started the adoption process...statistically speaking, you are in for better times. :)

Thinking of you and sending good thoughts. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. We are driving to my parents, which we usually do, but I have a show the night before and the night after, so it will be a short holiday. ;)

Anne said...

I am thinking of you now. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Where about in MI are you originally from? I grew up in the thumb area but have lived in Grand Rapids for almost a while now, I love the west side of the state.

Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade Class said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments! They mean so much! We are not able to do anything this month because I have several cysts...just another great side effect of all this. So we start back in Jan. At least I might be somewhat sane for Christmas. ha!

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