Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After trying to get pregnant the "old fashioned" way for over a year, we decided we needed to get serious. Don't get me wrong, we were serious before. It's just that at this point we decided it was time to bring in an expert. I had talked to my GYN at my appointment in March and she did run some blood tests to check my hormones. Everything came back great and our next step was a SA for my sweet hubby! He had just started a new job and so we waited for things to be more convenient so he didn't have to leave work early. Fast forward to this fall.

We scheduled our first appointment with our RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist). We immediately loved him. He explained several possibilities or areas that could be a problem and scheduled further testing. I was worried that it could just be that I was getting too old. I'm only 38, but my uterus could feel older...thankfully she doesn't! The RE told us that even with my age, it shouldn't be this hard for us to get pregnant. That there is obviously something else going on. After our tests it was determined that the something else going on is lazy sperm. :) They look great, but they just don't want to get the job done.

In order to help these guys out, the Dr put me on Clomid. I take the Clomid for 5 days to help increase the number of eggs that are released. Then sometime next week we will go into the office and I'll have an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). We are hoping this does the trick. I know the success rates aren't huge and we may have to pursue some other form of treatment. I want to be soooo positive, but I am also guarding my heart against another BFN (big fat negative) pregnancy test. I've had all too many of those over the last year and a half.

This baby journey is such a roller coaster ride. If you haven't been through it, it's really hard to understand. Believe me...I know! I used to be a woman who had friends with fertility issues and certainly felt bad for them, but also never understood their pain. I love kids...for crying out loud, I spend all day with them! I enjoy spending all day with them. I just honestly can't imagine my life without having children. At the same time I know God is good and He does have a perfect plan for us. Whether it works out this way, through another type of fertility treatment or through adoption someday; I truly don't care! ha! I want to be a mom and can't imagine that I will be denied that desire. So I hope....I hope this IUI works. I hope it happens the first time. I hope this brings me closer to my husband. I hope this journey allows me to help others as some friends who've went through this help me now. I hope!


Stephanie said...

Stopping over from Sam's (Dragon Fruit), to wish you much success on your upcoming IUI. I have traveled some of the paths you are on and while I am ever grateful for the technology and the opportunity, it can be trying to say the least.

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