Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Calling All Readers

Summer vacation is just around the corner and this teacher is ready!! 6.5 days left!!! I'm ready to sit by the pool and do some reading. I love to read just about anything from autobiographies to psychological thrillers. NPR has some good suggestions and I'm going to check those out. I'm also hoping some of you can suggest some good books or an author I haven't read before. Leave me a comment with your suggestions!


Kevin said...

For me it has to be John Grisham---but seeing as I have read all of his books I too will be looking for inspiration and alternatives.

My wife though has just re-read: Piercing the Darkness and This Present Darkness by Frank E Peretti.

Enjoy your hols---schools here don't break up until 4th week of July :(

Naomi said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. You take great pictures! We missed you last night!!!!

Sam said...

Hi Jennifer! Congrats on being almost done with school--enjoy that!

I just read a fascinating memoir called "In n' Out Burger." You can guess what it was about. Who knew they had all that history?

Right now I am reading a memoir called "Undress Me In The Temple Of Heaven" about two gals who travel around China in the mid-'80s, when people didn't do that. :) I'm liking that, too.

If you want something REALLY fluffy, I must confess I couldn't put Tori Spelling's "STORItelling" down. ;)

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