Saturday, April 18, 2009


I haven't had much to blog about and at the same time I've had LOTS to blog about. I guess I just haven't felt much like blogging. Everything is good here, but haven't felt the need to blog. I've been busy with friends, church activities, teaching and even a visit from my mom and my best friend both from Michigan (at separate times). It's amazing what can happen in just under three months.

A friend at work got me hooked on the Twi1ight books. I was absolutely NOT going to read them! I am not a big fan of v@mpire books so I had no desire to read these. Tricia kept telling me I needed to try them so I brought the first one home and read it in a weekend. I am on book 3 right now and have totally LOVED them! What is it about these books that has a 37 year old hooked?

Barry has a new job that he really enjoys, except when it's driving him crazy. ha! I guess most jobs are like that at times. It keeps him busy and he gets to help others so that is a bonus! He has been spending his evenings with his seedlings and getting his garden ready to plant.

I am going to try and get back in the swing of blogging. I'll leave you with some pictures for today. These are in no particular order....just pics of what's been going on in my life lately.

I took some pictures for friends of their kids in the Bluebonnets. If you aren't from around here you won't get it. I know I had never heard of Bluebonnet pictures before moving to TX.

Here I am with my friend Nikki at our church ladies retreat. This is right before we did the zip line! Soooo fun!

These next several ones are from my Christmas Vacation trip to Michigan. I have soooo many pics from that time, but I just love these of Cooper in the snow. It was his first big experience with his snowsuit on. He had a hard time getting around so my sister cleared a path for him.

Not sure what these two goofs are looking at....Sam had to get in on the action though...he is sooooo nosey!

I found this picture again today. I absolutely love it. It is Barry's grandpa at the nephews football game. He had no idea I was taking his picture.
That's all for now!


paige said...

jennifer, i am so thrilled to connect with you.....what a small world. i ran across katie's story yesterday & was just blown away. i had my family read the story. i told them, they must surely be christians to have gone through that together....with that kind of love.
i prayed for her mother last night. i thought how heartbreaking to loose your baby & then your soul mate~ i can not imagine.

thank you for stopping by

ps--the bluebonnets shot of your little boy is gorgeous!

dave.heather said...

Hi Jenn ~ Thanks for your kind words about our Piggy. It was a sad loss for us. Glad to hear you are all doing well. Love the pics of your nephew. And the blue bonnets are stunning. We have lupin here in CA that blooms for a couple of weeks like that. Just everywhere...turns the hills purple. Love it. Big hugs, Heather

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